Cheney goes absolutely crazy

These are the words of a madman, and not merely the ravings of an idiot, ignorant of fact, of the world and of history. Actually they are certainly both.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney called on Monday for a liberated Iraq, saying now not later is the time for a preemptive strike against President Saddam Hussein.
The news bulletin's description of Cheney's rant and the quotes it supplies show it to be based on lies, but even aside from that it cannot even be parsed sufficiently to apply a rational rebuttal.

Can't we at least understand that Hussein is not dangerous until he does something to defend himself from attack, the attack Cheney seems about to launch in the name of our own rogue state, a superpower running amok under a government arguably as insane as Iraq's own (maybe more so, if we really think about it)?

Finally, note that even in its nonsense form all that Cheney and everyone else in his [sic] administration says about our next target could actually be a description of the U.S. rather than Iraq, especially under the current junta. Aren't we lucky that there is no bully to threaten a preemptive attack on ourselves? Or are we, or is the world?