Royals now roiled routinely?

But this is England! Every bloke there plays with his mates and now and again, and besides, everybody was gay in the eighties, weren't they?

Today's batch of headlines included claims that Charles, the Prince of Wales, hushed up the rape of a manservant by one of his closest aides, that courtiers regularly brought male prostitutes into royal palaces and that Paul Burrell, the former butler to Diana, had once taken a male lover of his own on a tour of the queen's private apartment.
My own interesting sidebar: The butler's lover in the eighties was Yahoo Serious (sometimes known as Greg Pead), the fetching creator and star of the Australian film, "Young Einstein" (1988). Both Burrell and Serious are, of course, married, and quite publicly so.

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Published on November 11, 2002 1:17 PM.

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