the terror of pornography and sex

As if we didn't already have plenty to worry about when flying!

Three men [sailors returning to their homes in the central Pacific nation of Kiribati] carrying strange-looking documents who took turns locking themselves in the toilets before take-off on a plane leaving Paris for Hong Kong, were thrown off the plane after causing a terrorism alert.

It then became clear they had only been relieving sexual urges, airport officials said.


Police officers then discovered that the documents carried by the men in fact contained pornographic material and said this apparently explained why they had been in a hurry to visit the toilet.

Despite the innocent explanation, the plane's captain refused to let the men travel on his flight and they were taken off the aircraft, airport officials said.

Jeesh. There are less than a hundred thousand people in the entire country! If Kirbati is anything like the U.S., they might as well forget any privacy for the rest of their lives. On the other hand, if Kirbati is like the U.S. today, they might be able to build whole careers on their hapless airplane apprehending.

[story scoop courtesy of Bill Dobbs]