Hlynur Hallsson

The Icelandic artist, Hlynur Hallsson, has, in an extrordinary gracious gesture, included my name along with those of a New York artist/curator and a German curator as part of his email announcement of his current show in Reykjavik ["20 pages Catalog with text from Horst Griese, James Wagner, Paul T Werner and more. ISBN 9979-60-826-9"]. I had been impressed with a NYTimes account of Hallsson's installation in Marfa, Texas, so I posted some words inspired by admiration and respect for his art and what I could divine even then of his good humor and charm. He found my blog and thanked me for those comments. The installation had created quite a stir last summer in a sleepy, yet somehow jumpy, in our post-September-11 way, West Texas town.

I love conceptual art so much I can like it even without actually seeing, hearing or feeling whatever its it is, and sometimes it's better only reading about it, but damn, I wish I could get to that show in Reykjavik!

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Published on January 20, 2003 3:56 PM.

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