actually, the Republicans stole the election again

Why were the exit polls so completely "wrong" in Ohio, Florida and certain other states this year? Was it because of massive election fraud?

The administration didn't need an October surprise; they knew it was already wrapped up - by their own people strategically placed where they really counted. And we were all fools to imagine otherwise. We'll be even greater fools if we let them get away with it a second time, but we'll have to hurry if it's going to be resolved without civil war. The Electoral College meets on December 13, and Congress counts their votes out loud on January 6.

My own representative, Jerrold Nadler, is one of the three Congressmen who asked on Friday that the General Accounting Office immediately begin an investigation into irregularities with voting machines used in TuesdayÂ’s elections. [Incidently, Nadler won re-election handily on Tuesday (80 points) against the stealth Republican, Peter Hort. Hort would presumably not have seen anything irregular about his leader's second "victory," and I expect that at some time in the near future his brethren will reward his sacrificial candidature with a juicy patronage appointment.]

Yes, every comment I've heard on the exit polls is how they could be so wrong. Well, Occam's razor says that maybe they weren't so wrong and the answer lies somewhere else. A successful coup d'etat four years ago certainly would not lead these gangsters to change their ways, only perfect and sublimate them at the source, the voting machine and their counters.

Four years ago 97,000 aliens landed in Florida and voted for Ralph Nader causing the Democrats to lose the election. This year the aliens landed in Ohio where they removed all of the legitimate voting machines and replaced them with machines that were programmed to cast votes for the war candidate. Unfortunately the programming backfired when the machines voted for the wrong war candidate.

How predictably pathetic of Democrats to persist in their disbelief that the majority of Americans did not buy their rhetoric and to pursue a hopeless belief that the election was somehow stolen from them. You lost!! The only question that remnains to be answered by those of you who said they would leave the country in the event of a Bush victory is, "How soon can you leave?"

Perhaps the most revealing commentary about the recent elections is the unceasing declaration "we won!!"...what did you win? selective tax breaks? a green light to invade weaker non-aligned nations, and engage in mass-slaughter, all in the sacred name of corporate hegemony, an open invitation to ravage the environment, a sanction for religious extremism at home, a de-facto amnesty for corporate crime of the Halliburton/Enron variety, an open-check to a cabal of political gangsters, whose well-paid stategists play a woefully uninformed public for "VALUES" recognition....honestly...what did you simpletons win?