SCOPE New York

Gae Savannah Tai Rhi 2005 hair accessories, beads, fabric, wood, light 34" x 18" x 18" detail

The image is just a teaser. More later on Gae Savannah, shown by curcioprojects at SCOPE this week.

Scope was a lot of fun today, and the art was better than ever. But a word of warning: The FLATOTEL venue is very seriously vertically challenged. Forty-seven floors, three elevators, one assigned to the thousands of people coming to the fair this week - well, only sorta assigned. Anyway, it just doesn't work.

Tips: Go to the top (16th) floor and gradually make your way down to the lowest floor of the arts fair, the 10th (there's no 13th). Because of the huge wait, at that point even if you've been on your feet all day you may want to consider walking all the way down to the street. Also, do not expect to find a WC anywhere above the two hole-er on the ground floor, possibly a one-hour round trip from the Scope rooms, unless you can persuade a gallery to move the art in their hotel-bathroom and let you lock the door behind you.

But enough with the logistics you won't read about in the brochure. When I get some rest and find some spare minutes, I'll continue to post about what we've seen at Scope and at the other arts events which crowd this week.

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Published on March 12, 2005 12:13 AM.

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