remembering Bill Bartman

at ease

The memorial for Bill Bartman will be celebrated at 2 pm on Saturday, November 5 in the Society of Friends Meeting House. The beautiful, very simple brick 1860 building is located off the western boundary of Stuyvesant Square. See directions and map.

Everyone is welcome, and yes, there will be cookies.

NOTE: Anyone who might have one or more good photo images of Bill, and especially if they are of Bill with a group of people, is asked to call the Art Resources Transfer (A.R.T.) office at 212 564-2262. A slide show loop is being assembled by his friends.

Bill directed me in I'm Not Rappaport opposite Nehemiah Persoff at the Theatre in the Square in San Francisco. I had not known about his passing until today.
A coffee cup he gave me opening night in 1989 broke this morning and as it shattered all the memories of being cast in the show and our wonderufl rehearsals came flooding back.
I told Herb Gardner what a wonderful director Bill was. I wish the two of them would have gotten to know one another better.
I want to know about his daughter Grace.

I also have great memories of the company of Im Not Rappaport at Theater on the Square. Mr. Bartman was a fine director. It was a pure reahearsal process of a play with characters that were thought of at the time as defined by Mr Hirsh and the late Clevon Little. All the actors involved were able to tell the story passionatly and with a great simplicity. Thank you, Bill and Thank you Mr. Reinis for your continued excellence in the tradition of live theater prodution. CASEY DALY