"I've Met Someone Else"

Suzanne Wright Hoover (Empowerment Series) color pencil and graphite on paper, 6.25' x 7.75'

No, it's not about me. Rather it's the title of an extraordinarily intelligent group show which opened at Monya Rowe two weeks ago. The press release points to the origin of the phrase in a recent drawing by Kevin Christy, who is in this collection, but with other work. Christy had replaced the text of the infamous "HOLLYWOOD" sign in Los Angeles with the words, "I've Met Someone Else."

The imagery begins with sexuality,and how we talk about it, but then the real surprises begin.

The exquisite piece below only begins to describe the incredible world imagined by Larissa Bates and which is represented in two other pieces in the exhibition. This drawing (the word doesn't seem adequate) is now ours, and although it sounds really selfish, I wish we were able to bring them all home. Bates will have a solo show in the gallery later next month.

Larissa Bates Poas Volcano (2004) gouache, gold leaf and acrylic ink on paper, 10.25" x 7"

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Published on September 23, 2004 1:56 PM.

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