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untitled (after Weegee) 2017

I was thinking of Weegee's 'Afternoon Crowd at Coney Island, Brooklyn', but the pansies were thinking of moving up and down Broadway.

This image, captured on Monday, recorded an ephemeral moment between the time these little pots were unloaded onto the street pavement and the time they were carried off to their separate planters to welcome spring.

untitled (mosaic) 2017

untitled (rustication) 2017

These images, of a section of the building's original floor and wall, were taken on our way down from a terrific dinner party on the 6th floor of a classic Manhattan walk-up on Mulberry Street.

I was probably too focused on the exertions of the walk up to notice what later jumped out at me on the way down.

Disclosure: My first apartment was a 4th-floor walk-up (at the very bottom of the island, views forever), and I regularly carried my bike and groceries up those stairs, but then I was over 30 years younger then.

Patti Smith Arthur Rimbaud's utensils n.d.

I came across this photograph by Patti Smith while looking on line at the very few photo images we have of Arthur Rimbaud. My short trip began with the news of Smith's purchase of a house in Roche, in the Ardennes, built near the foundations of the one in which the French poet had grown up (His mother's original farm house had been destroyed in the First World war).

While there may still be so much to be said about Rimbaud, all I'll say in this post is that once again I'm feeling a wee bit closer to him, and it's because of this knife and spoon, which had apparently been used by the great boy: They are virtually identical to some that I've been using for almost half a century.

They're old (nineteenth century), made of a material I know as 'German silver' [nickel silver, or Maillechort in France]. Their shapes are very fine, and they never tarnish. Like Rimbaud.

I now love them all more than ever.

my own couverts

[the image at the top is from The New York Times]

untitled (Greenpoint wall) 2017

The wall shone in the late afternoon light while we awaited a bus on Manhattan Avenue, insisting I capture it before it moved on.

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