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I think I can speak for a lot of people on the Left if I say that for a long time we've been in a state of despair because of our belief that the radical Right was pretty much in absolute control of things at the top.

But today, as I stare at the national and international news stories now unfolding regularly, each headline topping the outrageousness of its predecessor, I'm thinking it should be pretty clear to all of us that absolutely nobody is in charge in Washington [and I suspect this isn't what Republicans meant by small government].

Somehow I'm not feeling better yet.

May the luck of the simple fool save us from total annihilation, since it's clear we won't make it with our cleverness.

[image from History of Magic]


This whole Mohammed image thing is almost perfectly ridiculous, but there is one perfect solution to the problem.

Denmark simply must not be left hanging in the wind. There is a popular, although apparently apocryphal story concerning the Danish resistance to the Nazi occupation. Supposedly the aged King Christian X left the palace on his daily ride wearing the yellow Star of David, the symbol which jews had been ordered to display prominently on their clothing.

Maybe it's just a nice story, but whatever its basis in fact, the combined efforts of the Danish population saved from extermination all but a few dozen of the nation's 6500 jews.

Let's put together a wonderful, real story with the material we've been handed sixty years later.

It's time for all newspapers, and all nations, everyone who has a media outlet, to make themselves a common target of those who would threaten the freedoms which support liberal societies.

I believe the images scorned by ignorant or cynical people who do not, or pretend not, to understand our liberties should be shown everywhere, and as prominently as is possible. Now.

We are all Danes today, regardless of our beliefs.

[image via Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who has published all 12 original cartoons on his blog]

It would be inappropriate under the circumstances were I not to mention the significance of the source of the very elusive image I've used and the link I provide. Geert Wilders is more than a little controversial himself.

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