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Well, it was a long time between trains.

Sadly, if he even knows it's there, he probably thinks it's too big.

Tuesday is Canada Day, and we're very happy about that, for Canada and for us.

Yea Canada!

[The image is from the fabulous short video, "Switch to Canada"]

How are we supposed to register this acount of today's rather sensationalist domestic terrorism story?

The bad news is that terrorists were plotting to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge.

But the good news — at least according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg — is that they cared enough about New York to target it.

"I guess in a perverse way should be pleased," Bloomberg said Thursday. "We are the target because it is the world's second home. We are the target because it's the place where everybody wants to come. Because we give opportunities other people find threatening. ... That's the good news in a bad news scenario."

Feel better?


* with apologies to Hallmark

Sometimes lacrosse is more than just lacrosse. [when it's a crowded Union Square on Greenmarket day, and the uniforms are very much optional]

I expect Bloggy will be seeing an increase in traffic in the near future. The very hot and very sweet Glenn thanks him for help in setting up his new site:

Barry recommended my server, helped me get everything running, and has the added attraction of being a stone’s throw from a Krispy Kreme. Plus he vaguely looks like Robbie Williams.

"A Muslim boy and a Jewish girl who lived next door to each other in Baghdad became friends."


This beautiful story originally appeared as an Op-Art item in the NYTimes, but it no longer shows up the paper's site. I recently (December, 2004) received an email from the artist, Lauren Redniss, who included the wonderful image. I've uploaded it below.

Op-Art 6.3.03 .jpg

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