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untitled (taupe Volvo) 2005

untitled (marble works) 2005

untitled (eight with cockswain) 2005

I captured this view of the Providence harbor off India Point at dusk last week. The suggestion of a vaseline-covered lens is just that: The instability of a zoom in low light did all the dreamy work.

We're back from New England and trying to catch up on schedules interrupted for over a week. I took almost no photographs while we were gone, partly because we were serious about our roles as family tour guides. Also our internet connections were never very reliable so posting of any kind, especially from Rhode Island, was almost impossible.

untitled (Race Point) 2005

untitled (54th Regiment Memorial detail) 2005

From the Boston African-American National Historic site:

Denied equal pay, African American soldiers in the 54th Regiment refused pay for 18 months until Congress agreed, in 1864, to pay them the same rate as White soldiers. In the midst of intense opposition by the government and the public, Colonel Shaw and the men of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment struck a blow for American freedom and proved that racial unity ultimately triumphs over hatred. The high relief bronze statue, designed by renowned sculptor Augustus St. Gaudens, is a testament to this triumph. Financed primarily through a fund established by Joshua B. Smith - former slave, state representative, caterer, and former employee in the Shaw family household - the monument was dedicated in a ceremony on Boston Common in 1897. This ceremony was attended by Booker T. Washington, Sargent Carney, and Charles Elliott, then president of Harvard University. The engraving on the back of the monument is taken from Elliott's dedication speech. In 1982, 64 names of soldiers from the city of Boston who died at the Battle of Fort Wagner were inscribed at the bottom on the back of the monument.

untitled (lottery cart) 2005

untitled (Commonwealth Avenue) 2005





I'm very happy that I waited until this evening to capture these beauties in the center of our garden court. Now in the process of disappearing, they were never so deeply sensual, especially on close acquaintance.

untitled (Rote Fahnen) 2005

In the spirit of May Day, the spirit of the Left and, yes, the spirit of the flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la.

untitled (wagon wheel) 2005

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