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untitled (skyline) 2007

untitled (blue construction tarp) 2007

With New York temperatures in the 90's and the humidity not so far behind, I thought a cool blue image might feel good today. I grabbed this shot on the move, while walking with friends last Friday.

And yes, I have been keeping an eye on the temperatures in Berlin this week: 40's at night, high 50's during the day. Ahhhhh.

untitled (Lambda) 2007

untitled (tawny brick) 2007

untitled (arrows) 2007

Most people were looking at the big hole (the site of the once and future World Trade Center) when we walked through the World Financial Center Winter Garden yesterday afternoon with visiting family members, but this is a quirky view of a part of the construction site below the east windows at the top of the stairs.

untitled (skewed) 2007

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