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I am unable to say a thing. The report will have to speak for itself.

Israel continues to refuse the UN investigators any access to the Jenin camp largely because it alleges the anticipated UN desire to interrogate Israeli soldiers involved in the hostilities would be a violation of Israel's rights. Meanwhile Israeli has rounded-up (200 today alone, in Hebron) as many Palestinians as it chooses, now numbering in the thousands, and has detained them in concentrated camps, for the same purpose, interrogation.

In all, [Col. Miri Eisen, an Israeli intelligence officer and army spokeswoman] said [on April 22] Israeli forces had detained 4,500 Palestinians. Of those, just under 1,500 were arrested, of whom "over 800 have direct involvement in terrorist attacks," she said.
This of course is not seen as a violation of anyone's rights, not even by the UN apparently, and certainly not by the United States.

Israel has occupied the West Bank in violation of International Law and UN Resolutions for thirty-five years, and now refuses to let a provoked and finally aroused world see what it has done there this month.

Mr. Rivlin, speaking for the cabinet, said that the composition of the team and its terms of reference made it inevitable that its report would blame Israel.

"This awful United Nations committee is out to get us and is likely to smear Israel and to force us to do things which Israel is not prepared even to hear about, such as interrogating soldiers and officers who took part in the fighting," he said. "No country in the world would agree to such a thing."

Meanwhile, Israel is claiming that the Palestinians are stacking the numbers of the dead by planting bodies of many who have died of causes not related to Israeli military violence; ummm, so how is anyone to know that, or anything else, if there is no admittance to the West Bank except for the aggressors and their hand-picked agents?

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