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Part of the main front of the Supreme Court Building collapsed, only a few minutes ago.

CNN reports that Washingtonians themselves aren't too worried.

A group of students from Columbus, Ohio, pocketed some of the fragments as souvenirs, [Ed Fisher, a passing government worker] said.

Mark Goodman, a Washington resident, said some of the people who picked up larger pieces of stones took them back. "We'll have to look on eBay tomorrow," Goodman said.

I don't think we could do much worse if that were also where Bush's nominees were found.

Steve Greenfield, upon his release from arrest during the 2004 Republican National Convention

It's time more people realized who she really is, and rejected the impressive, carefully-managed hype which disguises the reality. You don't even have to consider yourself a progressive to realize that in 2005, of all the nations of the Western world, only in Bush's America could this politician be represented as anything but a right-wing radical.

Clinton now has a Democratic primary challenger, Steve Greenfield. Maybe now we'll see some light shown on this Democratic/democratic travesty, although the character of our debased media doesn't offer me much hope.

What's wrong with Clinton? Barry explains it in a nutshell:

I don't know why so many liberals, including homos, think she's great. She says she likes the Defense of Marriage Act, she doesn't think public health insurance should cover abortion (Viagra seems to be OK), and she voted for both the PATRIOT Act and the Iraq War.
I really have to add that she thinks the 60-foot Israeli Apartheid Wall is just super.

[image from Greenfield for Senate]

- this time apparently in spite of himself, since this shooting star reporter certainly hasn't been doing much investigating lately.

Reuters reports that Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, has disclosed to the special prosecutor that the White House had told him about CIA operative Valerie Plame nearly a month before her secret identity was revealed by others. According to Reuters' Adam Entous,

His testimony is a sign prosecutors are exploring new leads in the investigation that has reached into the top levels of the White House. It also prompted the Post's executive editor to publicly chastise one of the best-known journalists in the United States for withholding the information from him.

One of the two Post reporters who led the newspaper's coverage of the 1970s Watergate scandal that brought down President
Richard Nixon, Woodward has dismissed the leak investigation in television and radio appearances as laughable and referred to Fitzgerald as "a junkyard dog."

Woodward wrote in a first-person account in the Post that he testified he had learned of Plame's identity in mid-June 2003 from a senior Bush administration official.

My guess is that Cheney is next, and that Bush won't be far behind.

Some junkyard. Some dog.

I mean, what are they going to say?

Has anybody not noticed that the man frequently described as the President of the United States addresses his constituents only inside military bases or, if anywhere else, only in the company of very carefully selected groups of supporters who have been given passes?

Lately in fact the venues for his speeches or appearances have been more and more of the uniformed sort. Even during his first term I can't recall that Bush ever addressed a free assembly of any kind, and a commencement address or two in front of a religious college doesn't count.

[image by Charles Dharapak from the Associated Press]

you can no longer expect more from Target.

Barry just sent me an email with a link to this story reporting essentially that the Target corporation will refuse to fill certain prescriptions because to do so would be both immoral and a violation of religious freedom [my italics]. Alright, officially they're saying that they won't force the pharmacists they employ to violate their own personal morals, although apparently neither the corporation nor the pharmacists will have any problem with dereliction of professional duty.

I instant-messaged him a reply:

ref. Target's morals, I now expect "religious freedom" will soon trump everything else the Constitution says

And Barry typed right back:

It's the only right left

Those crazy cults have won: Welcome to the promised land.

especially if he's part of a "Drive Out the Bush Regime" demo

marching up 8th Avenue this afternoon

led by some of the youngest revolutionaries I've ever seen

the youth in question looking particularly endearing stopped by a flat tire at 21st Street

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