Lucky DeBellevue

Lucky DeBellevue untitled (2004) chenille stems and plastic ball 31" x 11" x 82.5" detail view

The gallery show closed three weeks ago, on the day I visited it and snapped this picture, but the image continues to attract me, both in the memory of it and in my regular glimpses of it as I scroll through my image upload file - reasons enough to re-visit it now and get it out there.

This is a detail of a gorgeous work by Lucky DeBellevue. It was included in a very good show, "When the lights go out...", mounted by Cohan and Leslie in mid-October. The press release said that his sculptures ". . . resemble many known forms but represent nothing." I like that.

We've both loved his work for years, but the only chenille stems Barry and I have in our apartment are those which compose an Eric Doeringer Lucky DeBellevue "Bootleg." We do however cherish a small ink drawing by DeBellevue himself.

This work looks much better photographed than it does in person. There is a certainly playfulness to it but, it was generally rather disappointing once I got up close to it.