The Civilians in a benefit covering all

the really, really fabulous Wau Wau Sisters [pronounced "vow vow"] fully staged an incredible cover of the Civilians favorite, "Gone Missing"

Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford of the Downtown hit "All Wear Bowlers" [Trey is a Civilian in another life and if it were up to me Geoff would be too] did their own thing

We had a great time - shared. The visiting artists' performances at the benefit for The Civilians Thursday night were even more wonderful than we had anticipated, but since there will be no second chance for these numbers as covered last night, the best I can do now is show you what it looked like.

Actually, thanks to the company and everyone who helped make the benefit a success, there really will be a second chance (and a third, and a fourth, and so on) every time and everywhere these people put on another show.

Michael Friedman, the group's brilliant composer and lyricist, "covered" his own brand-new song, "How to Can Peaches," written for a show still in the works; Andy Boroson was at the piano

Great pictures of a wonderful show. Thanks.
So glad we got to meet you and Barry. Shirley