Timothy Marvel Hull at Klaus von Nichtssagend

Timothy Marvel Hull The Mask of Katherine 2006 gouache, graphite, ink and ribbon 15" x 19" [installation view]

The world which surrounded the early twentieth-century mystic G.I Gurdjieff is only the starting point for a beautiful multi-media installation by Timothy Marvel Hull at Klaus von Nichtssagend. This wonderful Williamsburg show closes this Sunday, but for those who won't be able to get to Union Avenue there are some great images on the gallery website.

Timothy Marvel Hull [detail view of installation on north wall]

Tim. Wauw. What a show. A very fine point - to take off in another persons place Not as an attempt to be objective or withdrawn from the work. But addding value and interest as a historical narator. Very smart. Very cool. And very pretty. Excellent art. Excellent