American imprisoned without charge or trial

But Bushie has assured us, "This guy Padilla is a bad guy."

So there you are. No more questions.

Note that Mr. Padilla is an American citizen, that he was picked up as a material witness only, that he has not been charged with any crime, that he is not known to have gotten beyond the discussion stage of any alleged wrongdoing (no dirty bomb in his backpack or under his bed, in spite of the hysterical headlines), but the Administration needs him in it continuing war on the Constitution, and on the America that is not it.

Their real enemy is us.

I have a horrifically beautiful Sue Coe print, created just prior to our first Gulf war, which bears the text, "The enemy is here, not in Kuwait!" It's sad, but in a more innocent time, I really thought the piece would quickly become dated.

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Published on June 12, 2002 12:14 PM.

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