Luster made real

The Great American movie? Not quite, but it'll do for this week at least. Queer, yes, but not just for queers. We saw Luster last night at the New Festival and got much more than we expected.

Ok, it's set in L.A., the actors are attractive (and not looking like Chelsea or Hollywood), it's very cool, very sexy, very beautiful, with a great soundtrack (half the scenes are in love with the perfect little music store) and the plot is not predictable.

Most oddly, with its stealth morality and easy didacticism, it could serve as the best ever after-school special, but only in a more perfect, grown-up world where we don't have the burden of our inherited prejudices.

Best line, from a very sexy guy-naif, "I'm a lesbian!"

Write your congressperson. Get it into your neighborhood. Don't lose this film!

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Published on June 11, 2002 11:06 AM.

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