Pat Buchanan gets it!

[I think.]

Buchanan makes more sense than anything we see in the mainstream media!

The darling of the discontented Right says we are being attacked because of our imperial foreign policy, and not because "we are democratic and free and good."

[One caution: While he gets it, as far as he goes in this piece, I would wager that his ultimate conclusions would be unlikely to please the progressive Left.]

Before, not after, the next terror attack on this country, America's leaders should start telling the truth: Evil though they may be, Islamic killers are over here because we are over there. They are not trying to kill us because they dislike our domestic politics, but because they detest our foreign policy.
Is the empire worth it? French, Brits, even Soviets said no. They went home. And nothing over there – not oil, not bases in Saudi Arabia, not global hegemony – is worth risking nuclear terror over here. I may be the only right-winger in America who loves D.C., but then I grew up here. Washington is my hometown. It comes first, and empire isn't even a close second.

I appreciate your support!

At last someone hears me.


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Published on June 3, 2002 11:37 PM.

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