I'm back

Well, we returned from the Old Country monday night, but I've been delaying my return to this log, because, why? I wanted to reopen with something special? I was feeling shy? I wanted to enjoy the time off? Maybe extend the vacation mellowness, absent the horrible burden of American political stupidity, a bit further, maybe even indefinitely? Actually I think I can lay most of the blame on the effects of a major jetlag blah, or possibly an incipient headcold, or both.

I can't begin to describe the trip itself, especially since Barry has already done it so well (he took his iBook with him, by golly), and you can check it out at www.bloggy.com. Ok, maybe I'll post some photos in the near future.

Europe was super, as always (well, maybe there were some problems earlier in the twentieth century, but they've moved beyond the kind of monstrous idiocy which dominates our own society right now). The only real downer was the getting to and coming from. One young bellman in Vienna asked me how long it had taken to drive from New York. I might have misunderstood his question (German was not the first language for either of us), but I wish there was a real answer. I'd rather drive five thousand miles each way (although a train would be even better) than ever have to endure another transatlantic flight. Yuck. And we even had the not inconsequential advantages of Business Class!

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Published on October 4, 2002 8:29 PM.

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