Jessica Lange gets it

--not that the media is going to report her statement, even if she is a celebrity (shouldn't that be enough of a temptation?), when it refuses to cover the statements of (legitimate?) politicians who speak out against the Administration's latest divertissement.

In a press conference at the San Sebastian film festival in Spain, where she received a lifetime achievement award, Lange did not mince words.

"Bush stole the elections and since then we have all been suffering the consequences. The Iraq plan is absolutely mad, but what I do not understand is that nobody tries to stop it - neither inside nor outside the United States," the actress added.

"The atmosphere in my country is poisonous, intolerable for those of us who are not right-wing, so thank you for inviting me to this festival and allowing me to get out for a few days," Lange said on receiving the Donostia Prize, presented by Spanish actor Jose Coronado.

Thanks, Jessica, for trying to stir up the waters a bit.

Robin Williams last night did something similar on a BBC 1 talkshow with a hilarious impersonation of you know who; there was no stopping him, I don't think the presenter had quite anticipated it, a pained expression at the end suggested it, wish you had seen it.

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Published on October 5, 2002 12:56 PM.

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