It's a fucked-up country.

Sexphobia and religion encourages AIDS

Ever bigger, tanklike SUVs protect us from each other

Bombing is regularly employed to maintain peace

Health care is made a commodity

Incumbents are honored when terror strikes on their watch

The environment is converted into theme parks

Public schools must be supported by donations

--or replaced by private schools

History has been turned into a costume party

Violence is conventional

Drugs are regarded as more dangerous than a drug war

Democracy is rejected in favor of gossip

Populism is regarded as class war

Guns are absolutely the law of the land

Taxes are a duty for all but big business and the rich

Intelligence is always suspect

Corporations abjure tax obligations

--but compete to throw money at government

Theocracy is regarded as the ideal polity

Suburban villas keep us as far from each other as money can manage

Using public transportation is regarded as shameful

Morality must always be religious morality, and it usually means sex

Almost everything means sex

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Published on October 22, 2002 12:53 AM.

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