simple questions, not so simple answers

What does the world look like today, compared to what it looked like just two years ago?

No, the dwarf in the White House can't be blamed for everything, but he certainly can't be credited with anything.

Admittedly he has done great things for his donors, precisely the people who don't pay serious taxes, only serious gratuities. Wow, have they gotten good service!

But why on earth are we being told how extraordinarily "popular" he is? I'm afraid to think too much about an answer to that question.

Oh, and has anyone seen a non-war issue lying about lately? I guess, since there's still a full week and a half before the election, there's still plenty of time. That is, unless sometime in the next days we see our national sniper standing behind the presidential seal to make a very serious announcement.

We're probably already doomed, and the world with us, unfortunately.