"the odor of mendacity"

--is even worse than the smell of secrecy.

The New York Daily News ain't Big Daddy.

Their own newswriters, their wire services and their columnists apparently weren't swift enough to pick up on the lie, but whoever is responsible for the letters to the editor department recognizes a news item when it slips through the paper's mail slot, and he or she also knows something about the placement of a story.

Barry's words pointing out one of the White House's latest, and more cynical, manipulations of the news for its agenda appears today as the lead letter (with a double-sized headline and typeface) on its "Voice of the People" page.


Manhattan: The Bush administration kept news of North Korea's nuclear program to itself for 12 days before letting the public, or even Congress, know. Shouldn't we be asking why they didn't tell Congress until after they voted on the Iraq resolution?

Barry Hoggard

The information had appeared on his weblog a couple of days ago. Three cheers for Bloggy!

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Published on October 20, 2002 9:34 PM.

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