they still ain't got no religion

Geesh, these people must think we're all really stupid!

New York Republican neanderthals have finally decided to let the New York Senate vote on gay rights, but only in order to secure more votes for Republican candidates in November.

The Democratic candidate for governor said it best.

Asked about [Senate Majority Leader Joe] Bruno's promise, [Carl] McCall replied, "If that's true, these people really have no principles, do they?"

"For eight years, George Pataki has been promising it, Joe Bruno has been stopping it," said McCall, the state controller. "Now, what, two weeks before an election ... all of a sudden Joe Bruno and George Pataki come up with a little gimmick to try to buy off an endorsement? Most of the endorsements they have, they bought."

But we shouldn't get too excited yet, since they are telling us that the vote will come after the November elections.

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Published on October 23, 2002 6:35 PM.

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