this may be our last best chance

Do something.

Together with tomorrow and just possibly the day after, these may be the most fateful days in modern American history. Some day they will ask, "Where were you?"

Be ready to tell them, if you survive the days ahead.

Congress is about to sign-on to the unelected Bush Administration's free pass for, effectively, by unique precedent, the concept of unilateral pre-emptive war against whatever element, sovereign nation or otherwise, the American regime of the day deems to be an appropriate target for elimination.

Whether of not we think we can make a difference to the outcome, there is still time to register dissent, for our own integrity, and for the ultimate record of mankind.

Please, please, please contact your own congresspeople and anyone else in Congress who might be able to use your encouragement to pursue the right course in these hours. There is talk of a Senate filibuster, led by the estimable Senator Byrd, to prevent the vote now expected to result in the Senate's capitulation to this regime's folly. He and others of good will need your encouragement.

You can go to Common Cause for direction to the people you wish to contact.

The world thanks you, even if it doesn't yet know it should.

If you have any doubts about the power and the will of the enemies of this Republic, look at the media at this moment. Barry and I spent four hours in the East Meadow of Central Park today in the midst of a diverse, very noisy, extraordinarily enthusiastic group of (perhaps twenty thousand?) other people of conscience, in an anti-war rally organized by "Not In Our Name." Up to this moment at least, there appears to be a complete blackout on any information about the event in the commercial media.

We saw absolutely no sign of the presence of any of the American commercial news media. Maybe their Republican patrons forgot to tell them about it.

The lead story on NY1, New York's own all-news television station's website, at this moment (Sunday, 11:30 PM), over six hours after the end of the protest, is the description of a "mock ticker-tape parade [and torch-bearers which the City is preparing to send] through Manhattan streets this week to show the U.S. Olympic Committee what the 2012 Summer Games would look like in New York." Yuck. I see no mention of this, or of any of the other rallys held in 24 cities throughout the nation today, anywhere on the site, or on the sites belonging to any of the major U.S. news organizations.

As far as the print and electronic press are concerned (and therefore the people of the U.S. as well), it just didn't happen.

But it did, and someday people may know--if we live to tell about it.

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Published on October 6, 2002 11:18 PM.

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