throw the puritans out of NYC government!

If you are alive, dancing is a fundamental right, but dancing is illegal in almost any public place in New York City today.

Come to City Hall Park thursday (Halloween!) to help show that we can and will dance when and where we please. Repeal the absurd law!

The law states that an establishment must be licensed if the club features three or more musicians, or if any of the instruments is percussion or brass, or if there is three or more people moving in synchronized fashion.

In the late eighties, after a five year legal battle on behalf of the Musicians Union led by New York University Law Professor Paul Chevigny, the courts declared the three musician rule unconstitutional and accepted live music in zones where bars and restaurants are permitted. But nothing was done to lift the stigma of dancing.


Although there are currently over 5,000 liquor licenses in the five boroughs you can only dance in 296 places. You are not allowed to dance to the jukebox or DJ at your local bar. You are not allowed to move to the rock band or jazz act at your neighborhood club.

And while we're at it, can we finally get rid of the sunday "blue law" that won't let us buy wine or liquor on that special "holy day" observed by a few religious cults?

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Published on October 26, 2002 7:20 PM.

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