"Is that the peace sign or the finger?"

I really love this picture, but yeah, it needs the story it accompanies, which includes the sassy quote above.

Grass-roots anti-war activists in the Northwest are reporting a very visible and audible growing swelling of support for a once-local overpass peace vigil. By their report, even a majority of the truckers who drive under the bridges where they display their signs are giving them the thumbs up and honking.

"It's my belief that lots of people have the same feelings but they don't know if there is someone else who agrees with them," Bird said. "If you stand up and say what you think, that encourages all the people who say the same thing."
There are many ways to do just that, and along with so many other initiatives of all kinds, the Blue Button Project is based on the conviction that it will work.

But do we have time?

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Published on January 5, 2003 6:42 PM.

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