Times about to admit it was very wrong about the war thing

Is the NYTimes about to admit it's largely responsible for sending the country into an immoral and disastrous war?

See this story which arrived via Cursor tonight.

Sources inside and close to the New York Times say that the newspaper is preparing an "Editors' Note" that will reassess its pre-Iraq War coverage, particularly its coverage of weapons of mass destruction. The note is said to address the reporting failures of Times staffers, including Judith Miller, and could be published as early as tomorrow (Wednesday, May 26).
So how will they propose to make the world whole now? As Barry pointed out, and with no little acerbity, remembering the last Times "Editors' Note," this ain't just another Jayson Blair!

Will the Washington Post be next? See this Washingtonian article, also sighted on Cursor.

Chalabi has been a political activist in exile for most of his 59 years, and for many of those years the Post has trumpeted and championed his causes. In some ways, Chalabi is a creation of the Post and to a lesser extent the Times, where Judith Miller relied on him as a source in reporting on weapons of mass destruction.
Ah, those sneaky notoriously-Leftwing, Eastern-Establishment media giants have been at it again, pushing their pinko internationalist agenda onto peace-loving Americans across the land, through the halls of the Capitol and into the White House itself.

UPDATE: The "Editors' Note" now [11:30 pm Tuesday] appears on the Times site and will appear in all editions on Wednesday. It doesn't begin to describe the scale of the newspaper's failures, and while it barely touches the subject of moral guilt the geopolitical consequences of those failures is missing altogether.

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Published on May 25, 2004 10:36 PM.

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