Adin de Masi at Projekt30

Adin de Masi Nostalgia Severed oil on canvas 60" x 60" x 2"

Adin de Masi Saint Angry mixed media on paper 52" x 90"

Adin de Masi Blowing Boy mixed media on paper 60" x 84"

I spotted these and other wonderful works by Adin de Masi on a casual visit to the artist-run virtual gallery Projekt30 a few days ago. Please forgive this New Yorker for observing that while Arizona can be a wonderful place (and I have the greatest respect for Art One Gallery for discovering and showing de Masi's work), on the basis of these on-line images alone it shouldn't be hard to find a gallery which could bring this remarkable young artist (born in 1980) to the attention of the world way beyond Scottsdale.

De Masi includes a charmingly ingenuous statement on the Projekt30 exhibit, but I think it only describes the occasion of his inspiration; everything else has been left to the drawings and paintings, meaning that for the viewer there won't be any easy disengagement from these complex images. I prefer it that way:

I am very interested and bewildered by the daily drudgery/effortless ballet of relationships. Muttered insults, exasperating habits, whispered sweet-nothings, all-out debates and violent, delicious kisses become subject matter for these silly/ serious pieces.

[first two images from Projekt30, third image from Art One]