Gedi Sibony at the House of Campari


Gedi Sibony Untitled 2004 mixed media [installation view]

A group of overly-designed empty boutiques on West Broadway may not be the best space to show new work, unless perhaps that's how the targeted shopper lives, but much of it the art Simon Watson and Craig Hensala brought to the Campari exhibition, "25 Bold Moves - An Exhibition of Contemporary Art", managed to shine through the glitz of the spaces and the glamour of the opening night crowd. This smallish piece by Gedi Sibony, in spite of its great beauty, managed to look positively shy on the wall of one of the back alcoves.

Lately we've been doubting our diligence, but maybe we really do get out a lot. This show is billed as an exhibition of the work of 25 "emerging" visual artists, but the biggest surprise for us was that were no surprises there for us. Just rewards for the eyes.

The 24 other artists are:

Tim Barber, Carter, Yi Chen, Matt Connors, Chris Dorland, Bendix Harms, Valerie Hegarty, Matthew Day Jackson, Anthony James, Jennie C. Jones, Justin Lieberman, Bradley McCallum & Jacqueline Tarry, Wardell Milan, Wangechi Mutu, David Noonan, Os Gemeos, Adam Pendleton, Mika Rottenberg, Shinique Smith, Saeko Takagi, Scott Treleaven, Aya Uekawa, Helen Verhoeven, Zachary Wollard.