Bush needs federal help to protect his marriage

Somebody must currently be leaning very hard on George, perhaps some homo brute has a gun at his back and is forcing him to walk out on Laura and pad down the aisle once again. Why else would our Commander-in-Chief be thumping for a constitutional amendment in order to stay with his wife?

It seems to me a real man could just say no, or at least yell to the Secret Service for help. Anyway, from where I sit when you see a Republican panic and run off to try to rig up a clumsy, big-government device in order to defend a marriage it sadly looks like just plain cowardliness. If Bush or even some lower-ranking heterosexual is unable to protect her or his marriage without calling in the feds, the contract's no longer likely to be worth a damn anyway.

Then again, how could I know any thing about the horrors of bourgeois marriage? Barry and I have had too much fun being together for fifteen years to even begin thinking about "protection" or "defense", other than safe sex, that is.

Oh, Bush's problem? Maybe someone just has to start supervising our boy's reading material:

[to protect the ancient innocent, this vintage DC Comics image has not been altered one bit]

[image from superdickery]

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Published on June 2, 2006 9:43 PM.

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