Chie Fueki at Mary Boone

Chie Fuyeki The Nature of How We See 2005 acrylic, mixed media, paper/wood 96" x 72" [installation view]


I'm not sure when I last walked into Mary Boone on 24th Street, (these days much of my decision-making about worthy gallery stops has to resemble the ordinary dilemmas confronting emergency workers in administering triage), but I have to admit I was happy about our visit yesterday. Chie Fueki's paintings, in a show titled "Lucky, Star, Super, Hero", manage to be both scary and cheery at the same time, while broadcasting the kind of rich textured detail usually seen only inside the glass case of a renaisance treasury.

I have to admit that the subjects she chooses were responsible for at least some of my interest.

Remember the Bill Maynes!

Chie Fueki Toward and Away 2005 acrylic, mixed media, paper/wood 86" x 60" [installation view]