this is not a gay film not a a gay film a gay film

I was shocked I was

I went to a presentation by the artists and book signing at Aperture on Thursday night, and this is one of many duplicate posters I found clipped up and down parking signs and light posts along West 27th Street when I left to go home. This particular block is all about commercial businesses and galleries during the day and straight clubs late at night.

The sexy bills are part of a marketing blitz for "A Guide To Recogizing Your Saints" which, regardless of its merits or demerits, is apparently not actually a "gay film".

Sexy shirtless cuties are are now being exploited in advertising and marketing for straight films? Well I for one, am shocked!!

Right... Not a gay film...

And Tom Cruise, George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, are all the men who ever married Liza are all straight too!