Sterling Ruby waiting in the wings at Foxy Production

Sterling Ruby drawing

Yeah, maybe Chris Martin, Xylor Jane and now Sterling Ruby. I don't know that they would show so well together in a curated physical space, but they definitely can and do share a brilliantly-appointed chamber inside my own head and heart. Ruby's images, and his choice of medium, are both just perverse enough to make his inclusion as a part of this imaginary trio seem less like a natural, but like that of the other two, his work strikes me as effortlessly grownup in a way even Peter Pan would be comfortable with.


No, Ruby does not currently have a show at Foxy Production; I just happened to spot this exciting piece (brilliant gold paper slashed with crimson nail polish, mounted behind plexiglas for bonus shadow) the other day when I ventured behind the magic "curtain" which separates four wonderful Violet Hopkins drawings from the gallery desk area.

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Published on November 7, 2006 6:41 PM.

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