Joshua Johnson at Riviera

Joshua Johnson Target Practice 2006 enamel on panel 16" x 24" [installation view]

Joshua Johnson Fences Work With Thieves 2006 acrylic on panel 14" x 18" [installation view]


Joshua Johnson is showing eight wonderful new paintings at Williamsburg's Riviera in a show which ends this Saturday (according to the card, but on their site the closing reads as Sunday). I almost hesitate to show any images here, because they barely begin to reveal the beauty and excitement of the work I saw in the storefront room on Metropolitan Avenue, and they suggest virtually nothing of their surface dynamic.

My shot of the monumental diptych looks particulary inadequate to me. I'm adding it below as a thumbnail image only to give an idea of Johnson's reach, and to drop just a clue to the impressiveness of his success.

Johnson was born and raised in Michigan. Today he lives in New York. He maintains an excellent blog in, well . . . , fortunately just about everywhere.

Joshua Johnson Four Horses (diptych) 2006 oil, polyurethane, enamel and permanent marker on hollow-core door 80" x 36" each [installation view]

I can't leave this post without sharing a stylized impression of the bright young crowd at the opening December 1.

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