eruv on 6th Avenue



Last week on the day I took shots of this symbolic fence (the thin [nylon?] wires in the photos) along 6th Avenue just below 23rd Street I couldn't find anything on line confirming that it represented a currently-valid eruv, or shituf mevo'ot [sharing of the alleyways], but the concept itself fascinates me.

it is what you suspect.

There is now a big deal, they want to put one up in the hamptons and the residents there are fighting it not sure why.

not sure why? what a dumb ass comment. Because where do you draw the line. Whether jew, christian, whatever. Bascially all religions are cults. Whats next. Some guy wants to put up a head of lettuce on every corner and we say ok. Wake up. These people represent less than 4% of the population. Why should we care what they want.

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Published on July 31, 2007 4:38 PM.

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