so President Gore it is

the once and future president

I'm not arguing he should be nominated and elected this time because he won the Nobel Peace Prize, but because winning the Nobel Peace Prize can make it happen.

Why Al Gore, and not anyone from within the current field of designed and positioned candidates? To begin, because I can't support much of what I'm hearing from any of the three current "frontrunners"; to continue, because I believe Gore says what he thinks, not what he thinks others think he should say; and to conclude, because he would be elected.

Although I can't know what was going on in his mind at the time, I realize that I might have to advance one doubt about Gore's reputation for plain speaking: Had the man we voted for once before* been candid and upright about the truth in November and December of 2000 the world would be a much better place today, and we would now be thinking about who should succeed a President Gore.

Although not "we", since as a New Yorker I could pull the handle for Nader without affecting the Electoral College votes.

ps: I'm also pretty happy with what Richardson is saying, I've always thought Kucinich had it right on just about everything, and Mike Gravel should be getting more of a hearing. I'm still really disturbed about the Democratic Party as it now exists, and while I don't know how or whether I could reconcile that with a Gore, Richardson, Kucinich or Gravel candidacy, it could be very exciting finding out.

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I'm really hoping John Edwards is the nominee. I think if he is we have a real chance to turn parts of the south blue again. All the polling I've seen shows him as the strongest Dem in the general election- easily beating all the Republicans, in most cases by double digits. There was a Rasmussen poll not too long ago that had Hillary losing to Giuliani by three points. I think her negatives are too high and if she's the candidate it will serve as a rallying cry for the Republicans- the people who dislike Hillary tend to really dislike her. I'm a lifelong Dem and even I don't think I could vote for her. As Edwards says, and I tend to agree, we don't need to replace a corporate Republican with a corporate Democrat. If Gore is our only chance of stopping Hillary I'm all for him getting in the race or at the very least strongly endorsing and campaigning with Edwards or Obama. I'd be very happy with a president Gore, Edwards, or Obama.