303 Gallery continues to ignore modern world

Whew! This photo prohibition thingy is becoming even more insane. Check out Ed Winkleman's post on the subject, and don't miss the comments and the several links you'll find there.

I apologize, to myself and to anyone else who might be concerned about the issue, that the current show at 303 Gallery is listed on ArtCal.

I have written on this site that neither I nor the calendar would include shows in galleries which do not permit photography. The listing which appeared this month was simply an oversight. It will stay up until the show closes, but only because James Kalm's provocative video is now tagged on the ArtCal listing. It's the last 303 show we will be listing until the gallery comes to its senses.

Thanks for leaving up the 303 link, I did think it was strange as I’d thought you were boycotting galleries with no-photo policies, but as always, I check with artcal to post links for the video and there it was JK