surf's up in Bushwick?

A surfer colony in Bushwick? Who knew? Yesterday afternoon these surfer dudes were busy loading a number of boards into and onto this beach buggy on Bogart across from Grattan.

i think its Grahamn Ave not grattan oh great ahole from the midwest.
sorry but I really hate all the so called hipsters who are invading Bushwick. Dear midwesterners psuesdo Nyers where the hell were you all in the seventies when all us whiteys were trying to survive. our families had nowhere to gocouldn't afford anything better. My poor mother sold her house for a paltry 35,000 dlrs in 1987. go surf off a bridge chumpchange!

oh Lola, when you vent your spleen like that you should at least have your facts straight before you start. No, it's not "Grahamn [sic] Ave" or Graham Ave; it's Grattan, just as I wrote.

And more importantly, while we can all laugh at or complain about the shallowness of people less perfect than ourselves, if you have a racist gripe ("all us whiteys"?) with the kind of people who have always, in fact for four hundred years, worked hard to flee the midwest or all other parts of the world in order to live in a city they wanted to live in, and weren't merely dropped here from a womb, you might, first, try at least using a more narrow brush when you start tarring all adopted Brooklynites or Bushwickites as surfers or even surfer wannabees; and second, try noticing that if any of these new citizens were even alive in the seventies they were still in diapers and hardly responsible for failing to keep up your property values, or your neighborhood white.

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Published on September 22, 2008 12:04 PM.

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