the great American car giants to go belly up, or?

crap piloted by doofuses (no, not the toy maker)

Lead AP story: "Pelosi calls for emergency aid for auto industry"

Of course we're not asking for any return, like demanding that the industry produce a decent, responsible product, like attractive small, efficient, non-polluting small vehicles, or reduce its outrageous demand on scarce resources, and, above all, give its entire historically incompetent management the sack.

Come to think of it, how about converting much of it to passenger rail car manufacturing? Nobody thinks big any more.

ADDENDUM: [added at noon on November 12] He may be an idiot on Iraq and just about everything else, but in the NYTimes Thomas L. Friedman column covers this territory, and in doing so hardly misses a beat. I never read it, but today the headline subject pulled me in.

Also, I neglected to mention yesterday that I grew up in Detroit during the 40's and 50's, the Motor City's heyday (yes, there really were such days). From an early age an unusually knowledgeable car fanatic, even for that time and geography, I always had my doubts about the industry which seemed to totally dominate our culture. My eyes started to open in 1950, when I saw a VW Beetle parked around the corner from our house.

[image from lallylaw]

"Come to think of it, how about converting much of it to passenger rail car manufacturing?"