Andrew Guenther at Freight + Volume

Andrew Guenther Skull Pile 2006 oil on canvas 68" x 48"

view of one wall of installation, including both paintings and objects

Andrew Guenther's show at Freight + Volume, "Looking For Culture Part III: Back to My Old Ways", includes some terrific oils, acrylics and sketches, and a number of indefinable objects. Many of the pieces assume both individual and compelling shared identities, since they've been placed on, above or below simple wooden shelves. The drawings and paintings are incredibly fresh, even sweet (don't let the skulls put you off), and the gallery's small "cabinet", boasting as it does so many curious, wonderful, handmade doohickeys, looks something like a collection marshaled by a particularly-inventive Prospero.

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Published on December 27, 2008 7:47 PM.

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