James Hyde at Southfirst

James Hyde Wave 2009 acrylic on digital print 32: x 42.75" [view of framed work in installation, including shadows]

James Hyde Recline 2009 acrylic on digital print on stretched linen 70" x 115.5" [view of work in installation, including lighting hot spot at top]

James Hyde Blender 2008 silicone on digital print 28.5" x 43" [view of framed work in installation, including shadows]

James Hyde Tao 2009 acrylic and metal on styrofoam on digital print 14" x 9" [view of framed work in installation, including shadows, particularly evident as cast on projecting block]

This show closes on Sunday. It was a top pick on ArtCat, and was extended from its original closing date of April 19. Barry and I were there in the middle of March. We both agreed immediately that it was a terrific show, but I'd somehow forgotten to tell any one who might visit this site, and to post some representative images while I was at it.

I've always thought James Hyde's work was terrific. I once fell head over heels in love with a luscious, smallish, lipstick-red, wall-mounted cube* he had created which seemed to me to represent painting, in its purest, most fundamental form. Hyde has never stood still, and the show at Southfirst certainly shows that he's still moving: painted abstract shapes and structures joined with his own conceptual photographic images.

something on this order (I found this particular image on evanread.net)