Brooklyn Rail cover: Powhida's New Museum cartoon

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Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, especially if it's been drawn by William Powhida. The artist's editorial cartoon, addressing the current weird curatorial course of the New Museum, completely fills the cover of the Brooklyn Rail out tomorrow.

I wrote this post back on September 25th, immediately after reading the NuMu's press release announcing a metamorphosis which will find it installing a series of museum-wide shows displaying the collections of one or more of its own wealthy trustees and curated by those collectors' favorite wealthy artists.

I followed it with this related entry.

From the beginning I was sure this story had legs, but then I noticed almost no one wanted to talk or write about it, even if they were as outraged as I was. Now I think its time has finally come. Thanks, William.

Pick up a copy of the Rail if you live anywhere near one of the outlets. If not, and if you have some coin, you can subscribe (to what I think is the most vital and definitely the most beautiful magazine published anywhere) here.

[image courtesy of the artist and the Brooklyn Rail]

I assume by no one you mean the corporate media since the arts blogosphere has been all over it.

Hrag, yes a few bloggers, including yourself, have spoken out boldly, but it's really not even a handful. If you check around the blogosphere, you'll be surprised to learn which ones have not said a word, or which have tried to remain, well, noncommittal about the strange doings on the Bowery.

Has AFC pontificated on the topic?

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