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I've had it.

This Catholic apostate would like to be among the first to re-visit a question which most Americans had thought satisfactorily resolved decades ago, with JFK's election in 1960: Recent political moves by confessing Roman cultists have unfortunately made it inescapably clear that a Catholic qua Catholic simply cannot be allowed to hold public office in a democracy.

For the genuine Catholic zealot the bogus political issue of abortion takes precedence over any real issue of life or death for the born. The democratic process is being dramatically subverted by a minority in a blind pursuit of a fanatical crusade, and unfortunately a Democratic party affiliation is no obstacle to enlistment.

South Dakota recently passed a law banning nearly all abortions. The main sponsor in the state senate was a Catholic Democrat. Today the Catholic Democratic Governor of Louisiana signed into law a virtually total ban which she had championed through her state's legislature, and essentially announced how proud she was to impose her personal superstition as the law of her benighted land, telling the media:

The central provision of the bill supports and reflects my personal beliefs.
Translation: I'm the king, er . . . pope.

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