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This blog will be five years old next month, having evolved from a series of emails I had started sending to friends six months earlier, almost immediately after September 11. Some of those folks asked me early on to continue letting them know whenever I did a new post.

In response to this modest demand I continued to maintain a dedicated email address group for the purpose, naming it "jimlog", and It's grown a bit since I started it, necessitating several re-configurations. At the end of every day on which I've done an entry I've manually assembled specific links to every separate item (anywhere from one to seven posts a day), generally giving each a new, fanciful or abstruse title to relieve the routine, and then clicked "send". At least I didn't have to burden a postman.

Until now. Jimlog is being modernized. My wonderful webmaster Barry has recently set up an automated system which will send an email to reader/viewers on any day I've logged one or more new entries. That one piece of electronic mail will include each separate post done that day, and each will appear instantly and exactly as it does on the site - in full color! The mailing will be sent at the end of the evening, New York time.

My old, manually-produced email list will be discontinued in a couple of weeks; if you are getting emails now and wish to continue getting notices of new posts, or if you wish to get notices for the first time, you will have to subscribe using the new system. The process is very simple:

Go to the sign-up box on the top left, enter your email address, click "subscribe", then verify your intention by typing the code you will see displayed.

Don't forget to look for the confirmation email, as you will have to respond to it in order to activate the subscription (note: the automated confirmation email may get diverted to your spam folder, depending on the nature of your email security system).

[image from Minnesota Historical Society]

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