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We ran into Larry Auerbach and his little friend yesterday afternoon in Williamsburg. The dog was very much into his costume, so any sign of affection was totally out of the question.

It just never seems like the right greeting for this dark holiday, but here's a Happy Halloween to all of us!


More autumn enthusiasts in our courtyard garden.



Just about the time the gardeners should be turning out the annuals and preparing our building's courtyard garden for winter, these beauties [Salvia Leucantha] show up and ask for their time in the low sun.

our Luft chimney

We're in Berlin, where we are staying in a friend's apartment off Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. The building was designed by Hans Poelzig in the late twenties, and the image above is that of the handsome small court within.

I thought, if I'm going to do posts while we're here I have to start somewhere, and our domestic arrangements seemed like just the right spot.

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