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I just came across this picture of a very come-hither-ish Montgomery Clift while looking through an email from Phaidon Press. It's from a new photography book, "Stanley Kubrick: Drama and Shadows," a collection of images captured by the film director betwen 1945 and 1950, when he was still very young.

I know I may be one of the last people to discover Kubrick as photographer, but I still thought it worth broadcasting these images for those who might otherwise miss them.

I think we can safely assume that the equally adorable subject of the picture below is the photographer himself.


okay, I saw these three in L.A., but they'll have to do for now

If you're in Miami next week for the art fairs* we may bump into each other, that is, if I can be pried out of our rental Beetle convertible.

We don't schedule our travels around these events, but Barry and I decided I had to see Florida at least once in my lifetime. If I needed an excuse, Art Basel (more especially the five other, progressively more scrappy shows which have been scheduled for the same days) and a long-standing invitation from an old school friend who lives on South Beach, seemed to be the absolute best.

For those who don't know my face, I'll probably be the only one with a red button on whatever top I'm wearing [I'm from New York, so I almost wrote "or coat"].

For a narrative, and some links, see Ed winkleman here and here, but don't forget Frisbee

especially if he's part of a "Drive Out the Bush Regime" demo

marching up 8th Avenue this afternoon

led by some of the youngest revolutionaries I've ever seen

the youth in question looking particularly endearing stopped by a flat tire at 21st Street

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